Free likes and subscribers for all social networks?

InĀ 2018, the popularization of social media everybody are chasing popularity and sell their souls for the likes. The number of likes make everyone dependent a lot: your profile rank among the others, competitors, popularity among consumers and blog readers. And the need for content takes the second place. But to get a lot of likes Read more

Instagram: tips and tools for more success, more followers, more fun

The extraordinary thing about Instagram is its lively, multicultural and appreciative community. How this community works, what the most important rules of the community are, and how to make your photos and videos more visible are described in the following. The real-time effect Unlike Twitter or Snapchat, real-time communication on Instagram has not been so Read more

Get more followers on Instagram

Do not wait to be found. Comment and above all you like what you like. To do this, click on the Discover button in the middle of the bottom menu bar of the Instagram app. Enter any word like “WOW” here and you’ll like it wild. Anyone who sees that he receives a comment or Read more

How to become popular in instagram

Instagram is one of the largest social media platforms with 800 million monthly active users. It can do wonders for your business, but to make money on Instagram you need to optimize your account first (as you optimize your website for Google) and then you will know how to become popular in Instagram. These ten Read more

Instagram: What Parents Should Know About the Photo App

Instagram continues to grow rapidly and is now more popular as a social network among young users than Facebook. Like any network, Instagram has its peculiarities to watch out for. What’s up app explains what kids do with the app and what parents should look for. The Instagram boom is remarkable: One year after launching Read more

Instagram Stories: Question Sticker for followers

On Instagram, many followers are nothing more than a name with a few photos and videos and – in most cases – a short profile description. If you would like to change that, the “Question Sticker” is interesting for you. This allows you to interact more with your followers and get to know them better. Read more